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"This Way (Lost in Translation)"
"KOREA - Woman Washing at Well, Morning"
"WALES - Pennyfarthing Bicycle #1"
"An Irishman's Dream"
"USA - Globe in Light and Shadow"
"NANTUCKET - Cliffside Blue Chair #3"
"LARCHMONT - Winter Stream"
"USA - Canoe on Lawn"
"SUISSE - Cioccolata Lindt"

"The Panther and the Ladybug"
"Animal, Vegetable, Mineral"
"NEVIS - Global Perspective"
"Sweet Potato Vendor"
"JAPAN - Kyoto Candles in Window"
"JAPAN -Man Preparing Tree for Winter"
"CHINA - Red Kerchief Market Scene #1"
"PARIS - Carousel Horses"
"USA - Fruit in Brown Paper Bag"
"LARCHMONT - Manor Park After Ice Storm"
"VERMONT - Morning Mist w/Birdhouse"

"LAKE GEORGE- Guest Bedroom"

"Red, White and Blew"Red, White and Blew

"ADIRONDACKS - Buttermilk Falls #1"

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